"The Blob Track" is an interactive audio-visual system, which creates electronic sounds and rhythms triggered by the movements of the visitors. A camera films the contour of a person in front of a bright background and sends the images to a processing tracking program, that converts in realtime the recorded images into areas and points .

In dependence of specific movements the tracked person is able to create grafical objects, which are shifting over the screen and are generating sounds. The visitor has the posibility to interact with these objects. The Blob Track program sends this data to the PureData program, that generates sounds with a virtual synthesizer.

These sounds are inpredictable and multilayered. The speciality of the installation lies in the simultaneity of movement, image and sound, that creates a complex arrangement which becomes dynamic by the participation of visitor. He conducts and generates activity und loudness of the system, which he never can control: the 2 dimensional screen masks a non-linear composition, that contains autonomous interaction of the objects. So the visitor conducts objects, that are subject to own conditions, whose coherences he has to discover to intervene systematically.

Made with processing, pureData & blobDetection.


HD Quality in vimeo: the.blob.track_HD from MOVOPE PROD. .